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Press Release for 04/27/2012:

Royal Adhesive Announces Acquisition of Extreme Adhesive



The world's pace these days is fast. Dynamic. Defined and shaped by global connections in business, information, and communication.  It's a high-tech life, and Para-Chem is in step. Using the most modern methods and equipment, Para-Chem manufactures an ever-expanding range of products, serving the textile, graphic art, floor covering, and automotive industries along with numerous others.  We create the finest quality acrylic polymers in our newly constructed, computerized, state-of-the-art reactors allowing us to precisely operate and monitor each production cycle.  Automated packaging processes are utilized so that our products arrive as uniform and consistent as possible.

Consistency and quality are fundamental, because Para-Chem products are found everywhere - from homes and office buildings to airports, art studios, and transportation.  Achieving diversity within related product areas is one of our strengths, while striving for continued growth and excellence is another.  Each is a corporate quest that characterizes the way we conduct our business and ensures us that, no matter how quickly the world progresses, Para-Chem is involved in creating the pace for progress.






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